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Strip Suck Fuck

Alex Mae, Kimmy Granger, and Payton Lee, are three sexy girls who were playing video games this weekend afternoon. They were in super casual wear, t-shirts and undies. Their roommate came in and jumped in the middle of them. He started bragging on how great he was at the game they were playing. He even bet them he could utterly destroy them in the game. Being a nice guy, he said they had to do the dishes and trash for him for a week. The girls, being a little more vindictive, wanted him to streak on the front lawn if he lost. Being confident in his skills, he made the bet. They got into the game, and he had to take a phone call. While on the phone, the girls decided to make sure they’d win and tweaked his controller. Their roommate came back and was soon naked standing in front of them. But once the girls saw the size of his cock, they wanted to have a little fun with it before he streaked. Kimmy grabbed that cock and started going to town as she tried to get it down her throat. Her tits and ass bounced in her cut-off T and underwear. Payton wanted a piece as well and got a mouthful before Kimmy got on top for a ride. The girls all took turns and got their game on with their roommate’s joystick. The three joined forces and sucked him off until they got a cum-filled power-up!

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