Monthly Archives: April 2017

From Snoring To Whoring

Everyone knows what sleepovers are really for… Kimmy Granger and Naomi Woods pretend they’re snoring when stepdad Keiran checks in, but really they’re practicing sexy techniques with each other. When Keiran goes to investigate the noise, he spies the girls scissoring and just has to start jerking off! Kimmy and Naomi are shocked to discover him, but soon realize he’s a real live man to practice their sex skills on, what could be better?

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Power Bangers: A XXX Parody Part 1

Five typical college students have no idea evil is headed towards Earth, or that they will be the ones chosen to fight it. For now they’re at a house party where nerdy girl Kimmy Granger is hoping the hot jock will notice her. She lucks out when he takes her upstairs, and it’s not long before he’s pounding her pussy while the party rages downstairs. But after leaving his load on he pretty face, they hear a crash outside…

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